Growth of esports in this pandemic year!


Due to the widespread of coronavirus, the Indian esports industry is thriving. With the practice of social distancing reducing consumer and business activity to a minimum, gaming provides an engaging distraction for people at home seeking for social interaction.With all traditional sports tournaments on hold across the country due to coronavirus pandemic, many people have turned to esports. As a result, bookmakers are seeing a massive growth in esports. The rise in video gaming is directly proportional to esports. With large number of people staying indoors, sports fanatics across the globe have taken to video gaming in the age of the pandemic. The lockdown has undoubtedly boosted esports user engagement. The increasing demand for video games and rising awareness of esports contribute to the growth of its market. As technology is expanding, so the video content, products, and competitions are scaling up. It has turned out to be transiting pop culture and retransforming the ways that young people consume entertainment. Simply put, people are spending more time viewing esports during isolation, which leads to higher spending.