WE in & as INDIAns

This blog is about us as the Indians and our responsibilities, duties towards our motherland


     Hey People, I have written this blog to share my thoughts about the society where we live, our nation and this entire world.

     Though we have a great heritage, prosperous history, unbroken traditions still whatever is happening at this stage not only in our society but also in India can not be ignored. The problems like corruption, poverty, illiteracy, unemployment, terrorism, child marriage, unsafe conditions for women are obstacals for India to go ahead and to progress better. So to overcome all these problems we must start with ourselves to fight in unity against these problems by contributing our honesty, our love about our motherland, our self-discipline our unity among us to keep India fast forwarding to make it the super power nation in the entire world.

     Generally, people say that the politicians in the India play dirty politics, they do corruption, they also missuse their power for their own selfishness. But here, one thing should be noted that the India has the greatest democracy in the world. Politicians are elected by voting of citizens of India and if everyone votes responsibly without judging the valuable vote with that money which is distributed by any dishonest, corrupt politician; to elect liable person to be a responsible leader.

     The youth of India has to play an important role for keeping India at progressive track. As India is the youth country where 60% of citizens having age below the 25 years, So this is the duty of youth of India to carry the great legacy of India ahead. There are also some interesting facts about India; India has very ancient and holy past as well as an unique history with a memorable cultural background which really make us proud to be an Indian. India has given many things to world. The Yoga, Meditation, The medical science of Aayurveda, The invention of Zero and the discovery of games like chess, ludo are definetly that things which really impact very deeply on our mine, mind and soul to have not only the peace of mind but also to live the life tension free.

        We should notice various incidents which happen everyday throughout the world for our self knowledge so that we can realise what is happening in this beautiful world of ours. Nowadays, we have access of internet, social media to communicate with people at various levels for exchanging of thoughts, experiences, opinions on a single platform with variety in nature of people of different regions for better acknowledgements of any issue. The modern technology has laid us upto the quality living, So most of the things are possible to be done within seconds. By using all these world changing things properly, We can have more better future. But while doing all this, We shouldn't forget humanity, our duties and our moral values.